Compass Learning

Oct. 27 starting...

Unit 2
use the web resources for extra math activities to do at home for extensions.

Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4

Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

  • 3-digit by 1-digit
  • 4-digit by 1-digit
Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

  • 3-digit by 2-digit
  • 4-digit by 2-digit
Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

  • 3-digit by 2-digit
  • 4-digit by 2-digit
Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.

Continue as needed.

Fluency for basic math facts Needed!!!!

(If no homework is indicated on a non testing day, then children are to be working on incorrect problems, Compass Learning Unit 2 folder and/or


October 27-Unit 1 reflection sheet signed and returned
October 28-math test unit 1 signed and returned
October 29-(Math Expressions Journal) MEJ pg 112 #3-6, and (Homework and Remembering) HR pg. 79-Show all work using the Distributive Property. Due Nov 2.

Nov. 2-pg. 115-116 (MEJ)-#9-33 Due on Nov.4-Pick one method, show all work for credit.
Nov. 3, pg.117-118 (MEJ) #1-26 Due Nov. 5. Show all work
(for those finished in class, pg. 83 (HR) #1-18)
Nov. 9-pg. 149 (MEJ #2) #9-20. Show all work
Nov. 10-pg. 152 #1-7 Show all work.
Nov. 11-(5.NBT.6) Worksheet-Dividing whole #'s #1-12-Show all work.
Nov. 12-pg. 153 #1-4, and all corrections made on the last worksheet
Nov. 13-pg. 155-156 (MEJ#2) #6-9 Show all work
Nov. 16- pg. 105 (worksheet from HR) #1-5 ,show all work and circle an answer
Nov. 17- pg. 159 #1-15 and pg. 160 #18-22 (MEJ#2)-show all work and use pencil.
Nov. 19-pg. 44 (MEJ #1) #12-26.
Nov. 20-pg-45-46 (MEJ #1) #2-24 show all work and use pencil.
Nov. 23-pg. 39-40 (HR) #1-11 and #1-15-show all work and use pencil.
Nov. 24-compass and
Nov. 30-pg. 101-107 (MEJ#1) were assigned in class and needs to be finished. pg. 108-homework.
Dec. 1-pg. 125-(MEJ#1)
Dec. 2-pg. 126-128 (MEJ#1) and pg. 87 (HR)
Dec. 3-pg. 130-#21-26 (MEJ#1) and pg. 89 (HR)
Dec. 4-pg. 133-134 (MEJ#1)
Dec. 7-pg. 140 is priority (MEJ#1), pg. 139
Dec. 8-pg. 164 (MEJ#2)
Dec. 9-pg. 161-164 (MEJ#2)
Dec. 10-pg. 170 & 175 (MEJ#2)
Dec. 11-pg. 176 This was a quick quiz. Please help your student redo any problems that he/she did not get correct.
Dec. 14-pg. 177-180-The students worked on this in class. Remember 1/2 hour rule unless the child is really motivated and has the time.
Dec. 15-pg. 187-188 (MEJ#2)
Dec. 16-finish pg. 190 (MEJ#2) and H.R. sheet-6.2
Dec. 17-pg. 193-194 (MEJ#2)
Dec. 18-pg. 197-198 (MEJ#2)
optional homework packet for extra practice over break to help keep skills sharp. Unit Test is tentatively scheduled for January 11.
Jan. 5-pg. 201 #1-13 (MEJ#2)
Jan. 6-pg. 202 #14-19 and 205 #1-4 (MEJ#2)
Jan. 7-8-test review and compass learning unit 2-Test scheduled for Monday, Jan. 11.
Jan. 11-Test-no homework
Jan. 12-Compass-Unit 3a folder
Jan. 13-Compass-Unit 3a folder or
Jan. 14-Return signed test, Compass Unit 3a or
Jan. 15-Fractions Addition and Subtraction sheet focus is on 5.NF.1
Jan. 19-mixed and improper addition and subtraction faction sheet
Jan. 20-Fraction sheet (#6-12)
Jan. 21-Fraction comparison sheet
Jan. 22-Everyone has homework, but it is different depending on the need. Please see today's agenda.
Jan. 26-Many people are working on story problems. Check agenda for differentiated homework.
Jan. 27-Story problems with fraction answers, Compass, xtramath, or differentiated homework.
Jan. 28-Quick Quiz story problem sheet #4-10
Feb. 3-Compass-Folder 3b
Feb. 4-5.NF.4 worksheet
Feb. 5-finish classroom problems or compass/
Feb. 8-Fraction worksheet
Feb. 10-finish or do visual Fraction worksheet
Feb. 11-less or more fraction worksheet (include #13 written response)
Feb. 12-estimating multiplication problems using fractions
Feb. worksheet-finishing and/or fixing problems that were incorrect.
Feb. homework sheet-finish or compass/
Feb. 29-finish comparing worksheet or do compass/
March 2-Compass and
March 7-Finish division of fractions worksheet, or compass/
March 8-Division fraction story problem worksheet
March 9-Division fraction worksheet
March 14-Measurement worksheet
March 15-M.E. Journal #2 pg. 237-240 (I told the students that I would post answers for pg. 238-239, so they could check the answers and know if they were on the right track.)
pg. 238- #13 and 14 were done in class
15.) 9.9 km 16) $3.52 17.) $9.66
pg.239-18.) 108,360 meters; Possible estimate: 40 x 2500=100,000
19.) 0.66 m; possible estimate: 1 x 10x 5 / 100= 0.5
20.) Responses will vary. Possible response: Your answer is wrong. When you calculated the cost of the fencing, you didn't include all the sides. Since the garden is a rectangle, the total distance around is 6.75m + 2.25m + 6.75m + 2.25m = 18m. At 43 for every meter, the fencing will cost $54.
March 16-MEJ#2-pg. 242
March 17-M.E.J.#2-pg. 244-Answers: 13.) 3.20 kg of produce 14.) 1.110 kg 15.) 715 g 16.) Garner; 40 g 17.) 2,710 plants; 200 mg leftover
March 18-M.E.J.#2-pg. 246-A packet of extra practice went home with students today. I do not want that returned to me. This is only for a resource for families that want extra practice during the measurement unit. An answer guide will be sent home next Friday. I only ask that you do not go ahead in lessons as to keep the strategies in line with the classrooms. Many thanks!
math - customary measurement anchor chart for school. education:
math - customary measurement anchor chart for school. education:

We used the super Y today for customary units of length.
Also, "5 tomatoes" for 1 mile=5,280 feet (we also know that if we divide that 5,280 ft by 3 we will get the number of yards in a mile)
Answers to pg. 246-13.) 33 spools 14.) 1 yard 15.) 4,060 yards 16.) $1.25 17.) 249 ft. 18.) $14.90

March 21-M.E.J.#2-pg. 248-Answers-14.) 5 1/2 cups 15.) 6 ounces 16.) 10 pints 17.) 14 gallons 18.) 3 blue walls and 1 white wall, 1 3/4 qt blue paint and 2 1/4 qt white paint will be left over

March 22-M.E.J.#2-pg. 250 finish and do compass or
March 28-Compass-Folder Unit 5 measurement
March 29-1st page (front and back) of redistributing fractions and distributing fraction sums worksheet.
March 31-Line plot sheet in packet. If finished, then compass folder Unit 5
April 1-finish 2nd packet, if finished compass folder Unit 5.
April 11-M.E.J. #2-pg. 254 #6 and pg. 255 all
April 12-M.E.J. #2-pg. 256-#15-21 show all work
April 13-Finish line plotting sheet or compass learning
April 14-M.E.J. #2 pg. 258 all
April 15-M.E.J. #2 pg. 259-260
April 18-M.E.J. #2 pg. 262 all
April 19-M.E.J. #2 pg. 264 show all work and make sure to include units.
April 20-M.E.J. #2 pg. 266-show all work and make sure to include units.
April 21-Do Math project on Quadrilaterals
April 26-Compass
April 27-Triangle project-google classroom, compass
April 29-Compass Learning if triangle project is turned in.
May 5-Fraction review packet-20 minutes
May 10-Review from measurement unit
May 11-Compass
May 16-M.E.J. #2-pg. 219-220
May 17-M.E.J. #2-pg. 221-222
May 18-M.E.J. #2-pg. 223, 226-227-Due on Monday
May 24-finish Order of Operation page and compass Geometry folder